07 October 2011

The Journey Begins

After a long day of cleaning the house, packing our bags, and running last minute errands, we're finally on our way. My parents picked us up from our house at 3:45pm and drove us to the Victoria airport where we promptly checked in, and went for dinner at the White Spot. Mmmmm, lovely Bishop's Curry with a pint.

We boarded our Horizon Air flight at 6:30pm, and departed 5 minutes early. Yes, early!. In just 23 minutes we were back on the ground at the Seattle International airport. We cleared customs without any problems and rode the funky shuttle trains (3 of them) to our next gate. It's 8:15pm and we're sitting down enjoying a cup of Starbuck's finest, where in the city where it all began.

Our next flight, to Miami, is at 10:40pm, so we have a couple of ours to relax.