02 February 2013

Departure Day

2:30am! What was I thinking? When I booked my flight to Ecuador, departing at 6:00am didn't seem like such a bad idea at the time. But now, as I'm sitting in the airport having gone through check-in, security, and customs and having started the process by getting up at 2:30am, I'm having second thoughts. Nevertheless, there is no going back now. Plane is starting to load and I'm to San Francisco for my first connection. No birds to report thus far - its pitch black, and even they know not to fly until its a reasonable hour.

8:20am. Landed in San Francisco on time. Got about an hour of sleep on the flight. The airport is pretty quiet, but between two security guards and an information assistant I got conflicting directions on how to get to the international terminal. I suppose what was most concerning is that they didn't know LAN Airlines - not exactly a small carrier!

Birding is slim pickin's, as expected for an airport. Highlight was three White-throated Swifts cruising overhead. Other species include California Gull (1 perched on top of the tail of my plane - a sign of good luck?), several American Crows, Rock Pigeons and Brewer's Blackbirds, and a single Western Gull. Just 24 more hours and I'll be birding Ecuador (current time - 9:50am).